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  • Home So Soon?

    Just wanted to remind y’all that we will be coming home in a couple of days. We are looking forward to see everybody! Not so much the actually ending the vacation 🙂 Anyways, see ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Floods of Family in Texas

    This past week we were in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, TX. In Houston we met up with family on mom’s side and went to several places. We went to TopGolf (a golf game), the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. The stadiums where some of the TX sport teams play, and Bishops Palace in Galveston, […]

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  • Naw’lins

    Today we went to New Orleans. We started our day by having beignets for breakfast, at Cafe du Mond. Mmmmmm! I can just taste that powdered sugar! For those of you who don’t know what beignets, they are a French donut with powdered sugar on top; they are very good if I do say so […]

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  • Ave Maria Grotto

    Today we went to Ave Maria Grotto. It was a grotto built in 1918 by Father Joseph Zoetl. It started as a hobby of building mini grottos. Then, when a cargo load of marble toppled over and was crushed, they gave it to the Benedictine monks. Brother Zoetl soon set to work on more grottos. […]

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  • Jetty Island Float Find – Part 1

    (This is part 1 of this story) On Sunday, we went with my dad’s side of the family to Jetty Island in Everett for their Annual Glass Float Find. We got to the island around 9 am, but the beach didn’t open up until 10:30 (We had to stake our claim). So we talked, watched […]

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  • Rounding the Corner & Old Friends

    Okay everybody, this might be tiny bit boring. But don’t worry it’s not too boring 🙂 On the evening 18th of Oct. we met up with one of daddy’s Beachbody coaches, Ms. Sharon, and her husband, Mr. Will, for dessert. We popped into the Cheesecake Factory and ordered our yummy cheesecake. Then we drove to […]

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  • Slideshows x2!

    We just finished up 2 slideshows; one is entitled “Upstate New York,” and the other is entitled “Fall Foliage and New England.” Enjoy!   (To make it easier for all of us, make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

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  • Gettysburg at last!

    Yesterday we arrived in Gettysburg, kinda sad, since the park was shut down, but nevertheless excited, since we had watched the 4-hour long movie Gettysburg. It was a historically accurate, well done, very good movie. You should watch it! After parking the RV, we walked about 10 minutes to the Gettysburg Museum of History, which […]

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  • Quakertown and Padre Pio

    We left the Catskill Mountains and got on the road to Pennsylvania…Quakertown. No, we didn’t see any Quakers :), but we did get to practice golfing a little at Fox Hollow. It was primarily a travel and rest day for us. The next morning we got up bright and early to go to Barto, Pennsylvania…the […]