Tea, naturally

This morning we set out to the American Museum of Natural History (phew, that’s a mouthful :)) in Lower Manhattan. During our hour long drive there, we watched a movie until we reached AMNH (the museum). When we walked in, we (Mommy, Mimi, Fifi, Auntie Fil, her daughter Bella, and I) had our pictures taken in front of a green screen. Our pictures turned out great! One of them was us acting like dinos in the land of the dinos, and another one of us pointing at a whale.

Then, we went into the Planetarium to watch Journey to the Stars. It was cool, because it showed us how stars are born and how they die, and also what they are made of. Did you know that stars are made big floating balls of plasma? Plasma is the 4th state of matter (matter is a fancy word for stuff). We learned that at the Liberty Science Center, which Fifi wrote about.

Then we went to the Hall of African Mammals. We saw African Elephants, zebras that were brown (I can’t remember their proper name), Lions, and Water Buffalo. After that, we went to the Hall of Asian Mammals. There, we saw Okapis, Sambars (they look like Elk), Sloth Bears, Gibbons, a Wild Hog, Gorillas, Leopards, Tigers, and Asian Lions. (Oh my!)

After that, we went to the Hall of Biodiversity, which had a bunch of animals and plants mounted on a super long wall. There were touch screens in front of the sections that would tell you what each animal was. On the section of worms, we saw a 30-foot long tapeworm! It was gross. Disgusting actually. Anyway, let me change the subject. We headed down to the Hall of Ocean Life. There were displays of deep sea creatures, enormous king crabs, and tropical fish. There was also a life size blue whale on display in the center of the room.

Then, we went up to the Whales special exhibit. It showcased the Maori (New Zealand natives) relationship with the whales, and also the different features of the whale family. One of the things that was there was a kind of theatre-type room that made you feel like you were diving with the whale. It played real whale sounds, and showed us how a whale uses echolocation to find its prey. We made rubbings on our activity sheet about the different whale skeletons, such as Hector’s whale, Pataka whale, and a few more. Then, we walked to Alice’s Tea Cup, where we were having tea.

While we were waiting for our table, we got sprinkle with fairy dust! (It was actually sparkles) While waiting for our food, we played with Wikki Stix. Fifi made a Teacup, Mimi made the Mad Hatter’s hat, I made glasses, and taught Bella how to make glasses, too. We had 3 types of tea: berry tea, vanilla coconut, and Alice’s, which was their special-tea. 😉 then they brought out sandwiches. There were lots of different kinds; for example, there was grilled cheese, Nutella with green apples (my personal favorite), banana bread PB and J, cumin carrot, smoked salmon on rye, and a few more. They also brought out scones; there were chocolate chip salted caramel, pumpkin and caramel, and mixed berry. For dessert, we ate chocolate mousse, chocolate chip mocha cake, lemon tart, and sugar cookies. We chatted for a bit, then headed back to the parking garage. It had been a fun day.

Dictated (sort of) by Gigi, written and edited by Mimi.

(Pictures are coming soon)

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  1. Cichy Family says:

    All I could think of while reading this post was the movie “Night at the Museum”. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It’s hilarious!!!

    We love reading all of your adventures. Can’t wait to see the next slide show!

    1. Mimi says:

      That’s exactly what Mom said! When we were looking at all the animal exhibits, we kept thinking “All of these animals come to life!”

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