Niagara Falls (Canadian style), among other things

Two days ago, after parking the RV and picking up the rental car, we went to the Basilica of the Shrine of Our Lady of Victory. It was kinda odd, driving through the small town of Lackawanna, NY, and out of no where, this beautiful Basilica comes into view. The shrine was built by Venerable Msgr. Nelson Baker, in thanksgiving to his patron. Fr. Baker (as he was and is still called) did a lot for the poor and needy. Pray for him so that he might soon be canonized! After going to Vigil Mass, we head back home to catch some ZZZs.

In the morning, we went to Niagara Falls; Horseshoe Falls, to be exact. Horseshoe Falls is the Canadian portion of the falls (though, about 5 feet are on the American side of the border), and is shaped just likes its name: a (very large) horseshoe. After crossing the border, we drove to the Skylon Tower, which looks like a concrete Space Needle. After parking, we walked down towards the falls. We browsed in one of the souvenir shops, then we walked across the street to the visitor path that ran alongside the river and the Falls.

Horseshoe Falls is amazing. If you get a chance, we recommend going to the Canadian side of the falls, and here’s why: Horseshoe is much bigger than American, if you stand in a certain section, you can actually see a little bit behind the Falls, and the cloud of mist that gathers in front of each of the falls seems to not affect Horseshoe as much as it does American. Plus, it’s an excuse to go into Canada! (Or Canadia, as we like to call it :))

The water from 4 of the 5 Great Lakes (Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Superior) drain into the Niagara River, which in turn drops down, and empties into Lake Ontario. The height of the water’s free fall is about 180 feet down, the current pushes the water down another 180 feet, and the current continues to swirl around the water, along with anything with it. (That’s why it’s probably not a good idea to go down the waterfall in a barrel: you’d probably drown!) We walked down the path to the point where we were right next to the river as it falls down, down, down. After taking some more pictures, we ate lunch on some benches facing the falls, then headed off to the Legends on the Niagara golf course.

We played on the 9-hole Chippewa course, which has junior tees! Needless to say, us kids teed off from the shorter junior tees, while dad teed off from the men’s. Mommy tagged along in the cart, sorta being our caddy, bringing us to our balls and carrying our bags (in the cart, of course!). It was certainly a fun time; I even got my first on the green tee-off shot! After playing a round, we headed back to the small course clubhouse to watch the Seahawks play the Texans.

After channel surfing about 5 minutes, we finally found a Fox channel that was included in their cable. We were able to watch the 4th quarter; it must have sounded kinda odd, hearing us cheering our team on as they beat Houston. After all, this was a golf course, not a sports bar! But not many people were really there, so I guess it didn’t really matter. I was very happy when we won, especially since our record is now 4-0 for the first time in franchise history! Hooray! We then headed back into Niagara to have dinner.

For dinner, we had pizza, mexican cheesecake (not a dessert, more of a chip dip), and poutine. Poutine is a dish out of Quebec that we wanted to try. It consists of fresh fries covered in cheese curds and topped with gravy; sounds odd, but it tastes really good! (Even though it is bad for you :)) After enjoying our food and watching yet another football game (Denver vs. Philly), we said farewell to Canadia and went back into the good ole’ U.S of A.

The next day, after checking out of our campsite, we went to the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Lewiston, New York. There are over 130 statues of the saints on the grounds! Then, we drove to Syracuse, since we wanted to see the St. Marianne Cope Shrine, but it was closed. After picking out a campsite, we had Buffalo chicken wings for dinner!

Here is a slide show:

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  1. Sue Campbell says:

    Loved the pictures of the Shrine and of Canadian Niagara Falls! (And of course your beautiful Family!) We were at Niagara falls, Canadian side, in 2000 on a memorable trip to the DC area, to visit with son John and his fiance Jenny. John had just proposed days before we got there!! Miriam was 6 at the time. 🙂 God bless you all!

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