The Adirondacks and Lake Placid (amazingness)

This morning, we drove from Speculator, New York (yes, that’s the town’s name) to Indian Lake to Saranac Lake, to Lake Placid. The drive took us through the Adirondack mountains. The ADKs (as they are called) are famous for Adirondack chairs; we came there to leaf peep and to admire the scenery.

The leaves were very pretty! I will put up a slideshow of all our pictures as soon as we have adequate Internet. (Man, I’m saying that a lot!)

Dad saw a sign that said “St. Agnes Catholic Church,” and decided that we should pay a visit to Jesus. After popping in, and on our way out, we noticed a flyer on the bulletin board. It turns out that we missed Mass with the Papal Nuncio (Pope Francis’ personal representative to the U.S.) by just a few days! Oh well, better luck next time! 🙂

We then drove into the town of Lake Placid, where the Winter Olympic Games were held twice: in 1932 and in 1980. It was here that the US Hockey “Miracle on Ice” happened. We got to go to the actual Olympic Center with all the ice rinks. After seeing the speed skating and hockey rinks, we go to see and walk down the aisle to the rink where the “Miracle” happened. It was so cool to see this rink, especially after Daddy explained what happened.

On our way out, we got to sit in one of the bobsleds that they have on display. It was a five person bobsled, but it was a tight fit for just the three of us kids! After browsing a few shops, we headed out to Essex, which is right next to Lake Champlain, to catch the ferry.

Lake Champlain was the main lake that virtually all of the early explorers had to travel down, and it was also the main passage from the St. Lawrence to the Hudson valleys; the Battle of Ft. Ticonderoga was fought for control to this passageway.

The ferry is much smaller than Seattle ferry, so we had no problem boarding in the RV! It was a very pretty view from the observation deck; the blue lake, the sunny sky, and the colorful trees in the distance, along with the occasional sail boat. After the 20 minute ferry ride, we drove to our campsite at Little Creek State Park in Vermont.

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  1. April Burton says:

    What an amazing vacation you are having! I absolutely LOVE the Adirondacks and Lake Placid! I haven’t been there for years, but my family would go there every year when I was a little girl. there is so much history on the east coast. We took our sons back east in 2005 for a similar trip. Your trip brings back nice memories.

    Take care and God Bless,

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