Mainly Maine

We arrived in Maine 2 mornings ago and made a stop in Rumford to see the dam and the friendly gentleman at the Visitor’s Center suggested that we take a drive through Moose Alley (because if we were ever going to see a moose it would be there). Just two days prior, he and his wife saw a moose on the same drive. Since the weather was clearing up and the sun was out, we decided to do it. We drove up the mountain — letting cars pass us so we could keep a keen eye out for a moose. Although we looked hard, we didn’t see any. However, we DID see some amazing sights. I think because the weather was nicer and because the trees are different in Maine, the leaf colors were more vibrant. Also because of our elevation we had fabulous views of all the lakes in the area. There’s even a lake called Mooselookmeguntic. Ha, ha – funny name, but aptly named since it was on “moose alley.”

It was Sunday, so we had to make a pit stop to watch the Seahawks play. Enter the Smokestack Bar & Grill in Camden. We were able to catch the last quarter – too bad the Hawks didn’t win. Eventually we found our way to the campsite, checked in and got ready for bed; it was a long rainy night.

Yesterday morning, we got ready to see the Atlantic ocean…Unfortunately it was still raining. We set out to the beach, prepared with umbrellas that came in good use. We took some pics from the overlook. When we couldn’t see the buoy in the harbor because of the rain coming in HARD, we took that as a sign to start heading back. But it was raining so hard, Dad had us take refuge on the deck of an unoccupied cabin nearby. When the rain subsided, we made our way back to the RV, careful not to step in little streams made by the rain.

After arriving at the RV, we finished packing up and started our drive to Rockland. There we had lunch at a restaurant called The Brass Compass. We ate chowder, lobster sandwiches, and a few others. The food is really good, and the portions are generous. Several years ago even, the chef there had a lobster showdown with Chef Bobby Flay and she won =) Highly recommend this place. We stopped by the Puffin Center before walking down to the harbor and driving to our next overnight..

Back on the road, my sisters started school. After finishing, we started watched a movie called Gettysburg. It is about the events that led up, and including, that battle. We were only able to watch about 1/3 of it, because it is over 4 hours long! After watching, we went to bed.

This morning, after another long rainy night, we got ready to see the beach. The beach was called Old Orchard Beach. We played in the sand and drew sand pictures; mainly of the Seahawks’ Logo :). We looked around the shops and tried fried Oreos. I personally would rather have plain old Oreos than the fried kind but that’s just me! Then we hopped into the RV to go to Merrimack, NH, which is where the Budweiser factory is, to see the Clydesdales. More in another post =)

Written by Fifi (with editing and additions by Mom)

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  1. eyeball says:

    Wow. Fried oreos? Lobster? Maine chowder? Yummmmmmy! Glad you girls are getting good at drawing the Hawks logo. Looking forward to a win against Tennessee tomorrow!! 🙂

    We miss you guys!

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