Plymouth Rocks! And so does Cape Cod!

Today (Thurs., Oct. 10) we went to Gillette Field, where the Pats and the Revolution (the soccer team) play, and Plymouth, Massachusetts. At Plymouth, we saw the Plymouth Rock and learned a little bit about its history. In fact, we learned that when they were moving it, it split in half, with one half in the sea. After several moves and more pieces of the rock breaking off, they finally created a permanent home for the rock. They cemented it back together and placed it in its final resting place on the shore. We also saw The Mayflower II which is a replica of the real thing. We took pictures of it and admired it from the shore.

Afterwards, we went to see The National Monument to Our Forefathers. It is massive!!!
The main statue’s name is Faith. She looks a lot like the Statue of Liberty, with the Bible in the left hand and her right hand pointing to Heaven. Closer to the base of the statue are four more smaller (but still very big) statues. They represent each of the following: Morality, Education, Liberty, and Laws. We took several more photos, then left for our campsite in Cape Cod.

We settled in and went to bed. In the morning, Gigi and I went to the playground by the campsite. It was fun to play outside. After packing up, we went to West Dennis Beach. At the area where the Bass River meets the Atlantic Ocean, we (sort of) went beach combing while we strolled along the breakwater. We found cool shells, a big hermit crab and horseshoe crabs. The horseshoe crabs were dead, which was kind of sad, but it was still pretty cool to see their shells.

Then, we went to another part of the same beach. It was cool that the RV was parked parallel to the beach. While we played in the sand, Gigi made a family of sand turtles, Mimi wrote in the sand and I made an awesome 3D sand car. The weather was sunny and warm. Mom made lunch in the RV and when it was ready we just had to dust off the sand to enjoy it.

We played a little more before driving to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory. We went on a self-guided tour. To make the chips they slice, fry, sort, and then package them. Towards the end of the tour we were watching them pack the chips, when a factory worker came over to us and gave us bags of chips that were just made! Yummy, warm chips, hot off the line!

Later we drove to a couple of other beaches on the Cape, but we didn’t stay long there, because it was getting colder and more windy. After dinner, we drove to Newport, Rhode Island and dry camped there. Farewell to beautiful Cape Cod and our fun, sandy day.

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  1. Cichy Family says:

    We just read about Plymouth Rock and Cape Cod the other day in one of our Thanksgiving story books. Nice that you actually got to see both places!

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