Rounding the Corner & Old Friends

Okay everybody, this might be tiny bit boring. But don’t worry it’s not too boring 🙂

On the evening 18th of Oct. we met up with one of daddy’s Beachbody coaches, Ms. Sharon, and her husband, Mr. Will, for dessert. We popped into the Cheesecake Factory and ordered our yummy cheesecake. Then we drove to their house. We went inside to eat. After eating, Mr. Will offered to let us take a peek through his night vision goggles. Then Ms. Sharon told us that we could sleep inside if we wanted to. Daddy and Mommy talked about it, then decided that we would sleep inside the house.

In the morning Mr. Will showed us all of his guns (he was in the military, so he had some pretty cool guns). There was a lot of guns there. Then daddy had a meeting with some of His Beachbody coaches. Us kids played downstairs while the adults talked. Gigi and I made a cool LEGO Star Wars TIE fighter with a set that Ms. Sharon let us build (actually, for half the time Gigi played with the minifigs while I built). So we were occupied for quite some time. Then Mr. Will came and asked us if we would like to do some archery. So we did that for a little while then went downstairs again. When dad’s meeting was done, we went to go out to eat with Ms. Sharon and Mr. Will. When we finished linner (lunch/dinner) we went our separate ways.

Then we drove and parked at our campsite and went to bed.

Then next day we went to Mass, then headed to the Airborne & Special Ops Museum. It was very cool to see this place. A big thank you to all of those who serve in our military!

Afterwards, we to dinner with one of Mommy’s high school friends and his family, the Q’s. We had good ribs for dinner. While the adults talked, us girls had fun keeping the Q’s baby, Colton, happy.
After eating and talking we went outside to see the RV. We talked some more and then said our goodbyes. After that we went to the campsite and got ready for the day to come.

In the morning, we drove to Georgia to meet and eat with one of daddy’s College friends and his family. Uncle Nino and dad joked around while we ate. Afterwards, we to a cupcake shop and got some delicious cupcakes. Then we had to drive to Cave Springs, so we said bye and were on our way. But on the way we stopped at the Trappist monks and said hi to Jesus. And that ends our week of meeting with friends.