Jetty Island Float Find – Part 1

(This is part 1 of this story)

On Sunday, we went with my dad’s side of the family to Jetty Island in Everett for their Annual Glass Float Find.

We got to the island around 9 am, but the beach didn’t open up until 10:30 (We had to stake our claim). So we talked, watched the uncles and boys play with the football, looked for poking sticks, and took pictures until about 10:20. Then, we all lined up at the rope, and waited restlessly with all the others who came for the same reason that we were there, waiting for the horn to blow.When it did, I don’t think anyone closest to the rope heard it, but the message quickly spread to the front of the group where we were at: “Go!”

Suddenly, it was a mad stampede for the beach. Everyone took off running for the beach, which was about 100 feet away. My cousin’s friend and I started by poking under logs, and dragging our poking sticks in the sand, hoping to strike treasure. After about 7 minutes of looking on the dry, sandy, beach, we decided to start looking in the mudflats. The staffers had said that the area where the floats were hidden only extended out to about 15 feet into the mud, so we walked out about 13 feet, then we started poking our sticks about 1-2 inches in to the mud.

After about 10 minutes of searching, I decided that it was time to get dirty. After being able to only poke my stick down about 1 inch, I stuck my right hand into the mud, hoping to feel something smooth and round. Alas, something was there, but it was only a piece of buried driftwood. Nevertheless, we still kept searching. Every time I would hit something, in the hand would go. I probably had dug at least 6 mini-holes, when I finally felt something smooth touch my fingertips.

At first, I thought that I dreaming, but after a started digging a little deeper, I knew that this was the real deal. When I pulled it out of the mud, it looked exactly like a glass ball covered in mud. 🙂 The ball was a light, amber with small, more opaque splatter dots going around it. I felt victorious: I had done it!

As I walked toward the beach to show my mom, my cousin came up to me and said, “Cool! You found one, too?” It turns out that FiFi had also found one, only she had found hers in the first 10 minutes, in between some logs, under a pile of bark. After showing Mom, I washed the float in a small puddle of muddy water that had been left after someone had dug a hole in the hopes of finding a float. Then, I went back out to help the others find a float.

After about 20 minutes, I took my Keens off, (they are very good shoes, though they are probably not meant as mud shoes ;)) then ran into the mud barefoot. Hard driftwood and sharp shells were almost non-existent, so I didn’t have to worry about getting scraped. I think that my cousin and I (she gave me the idea) spent the next 20 minutes to 1/2 hour simply running in the mud. It was like a day at the spa, mud wrap and all! We didn’t find anymore balls, but we still had a blast.