Ave Maria Grotto

Today we went to Ave Maria Grotto. It was a grotto built in 1918 by Father Joseph Zoetl. It started as a hobby of building mini grottos. Then, when a cargo load of marble toppled over and was crushed, they gave it to the Benedictine monks. Brother Zoetl soon set to work on more grottos.

We walked around the gift shop, then we went to look at the mini grottos. We noticed that Brother Zoetl liked animals because there was a little lizard condo and a chipmunk crossing. In fact, while we were looking at one of the grottos we spotted a couple of real lizards.

The grottos were beautiful. My favorite part was little Jerusalem. The whole hillside was covered with replicas from Jesus’s life from Bethlehem to Calvary! There also were grottos dedicated to saints and replicas of monasteries, to replicas of real shrines around the world.

This was a cool stop and I was glad we could make it! Thank you Jesus for this opportunity!

Anyways, we then left for our campsite and rested so we could be ready for the day to come.