Today we went to New Orleans. We started our day by having beignets for breakfast, at Cafe du Mond. Mmmmmm! I can just taste that powdered sugar! For those of you who don’t know what beignets, they are a French donut with powdered sugar on top; they are very good if I do say so myself 🙂 After eating walked across the street to the Cathedral of St. Louis. The cool thing about this cathedral was that the stain glass windows depicted scenes from the life of St. Louis.

Then we went to the old Ursuline convent. There was so much to see there, especially old things. For instance, there was an old grandfather clock that survived the 1900s hurricane in Galveston, TX. The wood that incased the clock was gone but the gold-plated face, along with some shattered glass, survived. There was also an old staircase and the original roof of the convent. Most of the things on display had to do with the Archbishop Hannen, the now-deceased archbishop of New Orleans. We looked around a little bit longer, then left to eat lunch.

We had yummy duck pastrami, muffulettas, and other good stuff. Afterwards we caught the streetcar so we could see the Mercedes Benz Superdome (where the New Orleans Saints Football team plays). Oh, I almost forgot, while looking at things at the convent we saw a funny prayer that the Archbishop had written for the team. (Note: insert photo) Funny huh? Anyways, just wanted to share this really funny prayer.

We didn’t go to the Superdome in the end, because we had to go to Mass at the cathedral.
After Mass we went Muriel’s, a restaurant nearby. We ate our dinner, then went back to our campsite, thus ending our day in Naw’lins.