Floods of Family in Texas

This past week we were in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, TX. In Houston we met up with family on mom’s side and went to several places. We went to TopGolf (a golf game), the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. The stadiums where some of the TX sport teams play, and Bishops Palace in Galveston, TX.

At TopGolf we tried to hit golf balls near a flag. Around the flag is a net and if you hit the ball into the net you get points and whoever has the most points after twenty hits, wins. When we finished playing, we headed to the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

It is a beautiful church with a colorful stain glass window of Jesus and His Sacred Heart at the back of the church. We looked around for a while, then drove around looking at the stadiums.

Daddy loved seeing them. But all we did was take pictures.

We went back to the house and went to sleep. In the morning we went to Galveston. While there we went to Bishop’s Palace. Bishop’s palace was where the Gresham family stayed before the archdiocese bought it from them. It was a nice big house and it even had stain glass windows! And get this, when archbishop moved in they destroyed a room and made a beautiful chapel. We made our way through the house and upon leaving we decided to get lunch. We ate good food.

After that we really didn’t do anything except I caught four frogs. It was cute because before I went to bed I put a brick with holes in it and in the morning one had buddied up with another frog ’cause
there was only three holes.

Then we drove to San Antonio but on the way we were caught in a lightning storm. Uh oh. We’ve heard something like this before, but this time it’s worse! Daddy drove into a Walmart so mom can pick some stuff up. But daddy told mom to be quick because we were already seeing bright flashes coming from the nearby clouds. While mommy was in the Walmart we saw several lightning bolts that was not that far away. Then all of a sudden a lightning bolt strikes a lamppost that was less than four hundred feet away! The bulb exploded and a second later we can see sparks flying. While pulling out of the store all the birds were upset by the lightning and so there was over a hundred birds just flying around us! It was crazy! On our way we were about ready to pull over and wait it out because there was a flash flood warning. But when we learned that our family’s place was up on a hill we continued our trek. As we were driving we could just see the water gushing through the ditch. We eventually made it and got to watch the end (literally 🙂 ) of the World Series.

In the morning we had breakfast tacos. Then it was off to quilting while the men did their thing. We didn’t do a real quilt but we made quillows (quilt/pillow). Quillows are blankets with a little pocket on it and when you fold it and stick it in the pocket it makes a pillow. The quilt part is that the front of the pocket is a quilt block. We spent almost the whole day quilting. But we did take breaks. In fact after eating lunch we took a walk, then started again at dinner Gigi was done (she had chosen a simpler quilt block. The next day we finished the quillows and went around downtown San Antonio.